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    VKonnact 4.0

    Full Subscription - Limited Period Offer
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    VKonnact 4.0

    VKonnact Monthly Subscription Plan


VKonnact Advanced Training - Online

The training includes the introductory training, a detail on data structures and data types, identifying customization needs, scheduling of time-bound, routine and isolated migration bouts in a detailed manner.




VKonnact Installation Starter Pack

Let the experts install VKonnact for you.




Unlimited Support

6 Months unlimited access to email and phone support. Complete support (through email and phone) to your IT personnel for incident support, situational guidance and functional hand-holding during use of VKonnact. Includes sharing of any updations/new editions in Quick Setup Guides, Reference Manuals etc in soft copy for the six-month subscription period.



Unlimited Support

1 Year unlimited access to email and phone support. Same coverage and depth of guidance and hand-holding as in Unlimited Support above, for a longer period of 1 year.



Consulting - Happy Snack Pack

Prepaid priority remote support blocks - 10 Hours @ $85/hour



Annual Maint

Annual Maintenance Fees

Annual maintenance payments are required with the product purchase and will be assessed at 17% of the total product price.



VKonnact Partnership Fees

VKonnact One Year Partnership Fees.