Simplify your Business

Flovian IT Services – Simplify your Business is the name, which is established by enthusiastic and expert professionals to provide huge gamut of supreme services related to software & IT, structured business functioning and related programs & solutions. The central focus of the company remains in making the business functioning feature rich.


Flovian IT services is a software development company that focuses on improving efficiency and saving costs by automating time-consuming manual processes. It is an organization that has been built on Team Resources. From Software Development to Maintenance, Training and Solutions, everything is done as a team effort. Consisting of various experienced and knowledgeable solution architects, database specialists, software engineers and project managers, the Flovian IT team refuses to be a victim of lack of ideas. Every team member works the hardest to know the most about the client’s business—needs, expectations and requirements—and craft a long-term plan accordingly. We organize stuff to get you MORE.


It's not what we KNOW - it's how we best USE what we know…

A key to run a successful business is to constantly equip oneself with the finest, most up-to-date tools and resources. When you work with Flovian IT you are promised to get:

  • A dependable range of development and design solutions.
  • Reasonable and valued services with no compromise on quality.
  • Comprehensive customer assistance.

If that is not enough to convince you, you can browse through our website to learn most about the peerless services offered by our organization.

We have been the leading software firm providing solutions that are geared toward business excellence. We pay attention to our services and development by offering the following services.


We rely on the cutting edge technology to design solutions that meet requirements of the clients. The design of software highly determines its success and functioning on different platforms. Our organization focuses on excellent, accurate and precise designing of software solutions. Our design team think-tanks and enthusiasts meticulously think about user experience, usability and performance of these designs. Our diverse skill set has enabled us hone our genius in solutions design.


In this competitive business arena, staying ahead of competition is the uphill task every business is grappling to get hold of. Optimization of business processes is necessary for business continuity and profitability. To improve customer engagement and increase efficiency, you need agile development of solutions. We embrace consultative, prototyping and incremental development to ensure we develop solutions that work seamlessly to improve performance and get the best for our client.


We understand that different industries including Manufacturing, finance, marketing Retail & Distribution, Services and Public Sector etc. have their precise requirements related to modern age technology based software solutions. Thus, what works for company X may not work for your company even if you are in the same field of business. Therefore, we cannot use the same solution algorithm on them. For this reason, Flovian IT offers customized software products to meet the varied needs of different companies.


The implementation of the products offered by Flovian IT requires a knowledgeable professional who knows what he is doing. Our organization has made it its aim to ensure the accurate implementation of all the products. We have well-experienced engineers who take care of all the implementation process.


How do you determine the smooth functioning of a business? You manage it efficiently without any compromises. That’s right. We have developed proven techniques to manage, maintain and support solutions in client organizations. Flovian’s well-versed professionals are always up for providing the best preservation solutions to its clients to ensure smooth running of the business, reduced downtime and seamless migrations.


A software product is useful to you only if it runs efficiently and helps you speed up your work. For this, it is imperative to test the functioning of software at every level. Flovian IT employs its high-end, best-in-class resources to critically test the software its team designs in order to determine its smooth and efficient functioning.


One of the most critical factors to successful software implementation is end-user training. The users need to be proficient to make use of all the software features and capabilities. Flovian IT has strived to develop a strong and competent training and development team which focuses solely on meeting the client’s need. Through our training your employees will get to amplify the value of the installed systems and that of newer technologies.

With our expertise in the range of high-tech software - Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft .Net, our excellence and supreme performance reflects in our customized and ready to use software products.


Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP functions on renowned database engine-Microsoft SQL- a database engine being preferably used by majority of business firms having their presence in different industries. This is a brilliant technology to make a software product even more powerful. Be it excessively internal or external business affairs Dynamics GP solutions make it easy for the businesses to accomplish all these requirements.

Below are salient features of Microsoft Dynamics GP based software products:

  • Simple and Quick order entry backed by timely acknowledgement.
  • Excellent distribution controls
  • Organized Inventory Controls for manufacturing and distribution firms
  • Correct Account Costing
  • Satisfactory Financial Management
  • Multifarious pricing Setups for different customers
  • Quick purchasing functioning
Microsoft .net

This is perhaps the most thorough and competent platform for the development of business enterprise applications. It has been employed constantly for the development of web and desktop applications, and has been backed by SOAP and XML for System Integration. This is an effective technology for programming best solutions in planning and executing the frameworks of business application development. This technology has emerged as the most stunning way of application development in the age of world class technologies.

.NET is attributed with the following features:

  • Multiple programming language support
  • Integrated operability with other applications and systems
  • Allows developing application for web and desktop